How To: Make a Starbucks Coffee cup from polymer clay

Make a Starbucks Coffee cup from polymer clay

These days, with such an intense demand for everyone to be on the go, up, productive, and "happy," it's no wonder we supplement our tired souls with a cup of coffee every morning. In fact, we know of some friends who simply don't function without that first cup...or two.

Celebrate your addiction to - uh, we mean love of - coffee by crafting this lovely miniature Starbucks Coffee cup out of polymer clay. You can attach a hook on the top to hang this pendant from a necklace.

Materials: White Sculpey Premo (polymer clay), and a paper cut out of the Starbucks logo.

The "coffee" is brown acrylic paint mixed with FIMO deko gel. The whipped cream is simply white acrylic paint.

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amazing! thanks for sharing! what is the material you used on the top?

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