How To: Make a mold for polymer clay

Make a mold for polymer clay

Select a hard object for mold making. Oven safe items work best.

Knead the polymer clay between the hands. The polymer clay must be pliable before wrapping it around the mold.

Spread cooking oil or water throughout the mold to prevent the polymer clay from sticking. The hard object can be covered with aluminum foil before the clay is added to prevent sticking while baking.

Coat the exterior of the selected hard object with polymer clay.

Cut away any excess clay with a knife. Press the clay firmly onto the hard object.

Place the covered mold into the oven and bake. Follow the polymer clay baking instructions provided on the package.

Allow the mold to cool and carefully remove the polymer clay from the hard object.

Allow the project to dry for two days at room temperature before use.

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