How To: Do woven pigtails on your American Girl doll

Do woven  pigtails on your American Girl doll

In this video from stephenswodadancer we learn how to do woven pigtails on an American girl doll. Start by parting the hair in the middle down the back and put one to the side in a pony tail and on the other side, take a section from the top and twist it. Then take another small section and twist. It does get harder as it goes on because you're not able to hold on to everything. Make one more piece of hair twisted as well. Now take all 3 pieces and tie them together. Now put the remaining hair on that side into a ponytail. Do the same 3 twists on the other side now. Take the 3 pieces from one side and untwist and bring it into the piece of hair from the back. Take the pony tail and wrap it around. Pull the rubber band holding the twists out and you'll create your pigtail. Do this on the other side now. You will create a nice weaved look on the back of the head and some cool definition on the side!

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