How To: Restore Your American Girl Doll's Shiny Silky Hair

Restore Your American Girl Doll's Shiny Silky Hair

In this tutorial, we learn how to restore your American Girl doll's shiny silky hair. You can wash and condition the hair, use a flat iron on the lowest setting, trim the ends and fly-aways with scissors, and more! If you have done all of this and it's just not shiny enough, you can help fix it. First, you will put a plastic bag around her body. After this, this is the bag so her skin won't be affected. Now, cover her face with a towel so just her hair is left. Now, take some Son of A Gun spray and spray it onto the hair of the doll. This will shine it and protect it against the sun, enjoy!

Watch this video on YouTube to see the walkthrough.

Image by Stephenswodadancer/YouTube

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