How To: Make plaster molds

Make plaster molds

When making a plaster mold you must first decide on the shape and size of your mold. Then you need to order your plaster and supplies. Select something to make a mold from, a container to house the plaster lined with a layer of clay to make for an easy removal of the plaster, a weighing scale, plaster, spatula, a mixing tup and jug of water. Weigh out the amount specified by your suplier onto the scale, then add it to water a little at a time. Stir the plaster into the water, scraping the bottom of the tup as you go to drag plaster off the bottom. Smoothly pour the plaster into your mold, then tap to releive air bubbles. Leave the plaster to set. To remove the plaster, pull edges of the container, and if needed cut off and pull away parts of the container. Remove original mold item, then use a plaster tool to remove bumps on the inside of your mold and smooth out the base. Dry completely before using

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