How To: Make a Lady Gaga "Alejandro" figure from polymer clay

Make a Lady Gaga "Alejandro" figure from polymer clay

As outrageous, shocking, and sometimes grotesque as Lady Gaga is, you have to admit that she's awfully cute when transformed into polymer clay form.

This polymer clay tutorial focuses on the nun's habit that she wears in the futuristic video "Alejandro." With a hood and a red cross across her chest, Lady Gaga looks not so much shocking because the outfit is crazy but because it is more conservative than what she usually wears. It serves as the means to an end, of course, to comment on the insufferable restraints of organized religion.

Whether you agree with Lady Gaga's political commentary or not, this polymer clay version of her habit-clad figure is a cute way to stretch out those finger muscles and test your polymer clay molding skills. Watch the video for the how-to.

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