How To: Make a plate of ramen noodles with polymer clay

Make a plate of ramen noodles with polymer clay

1. Collect all the materials need to create the ramen noodles clay. These are the polymer clay (color light yellow for noodles and green for green onion) ,FIMO Deko Gel, the mini plate, mini metal stick or needle, cutter, scissor, and toothpick.

2. Form the the polymer clay into thin mini noodles by rolling it into the flat surface using your finger.

3. Put the thin noodle shape clay in the mini plate and form it like ramen noodles.

4. Add some FIMO Deko Gel to stick the thin noodle shape clay. use mini metal stick to form the clay into desired ramen noodle design.

5. Roll the green polymer clay using finger to make a thin and cut it into small pieces using the cutter and put it in the top of the mini ramen noodles clay. Design it according to the ramen appearance.

6. Use the any mini metal stick to organize your ramen design.

7. Cut the 1/3 base part of the tooth pick using the scissor and put it beside the ramen noodles clay.

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