How To: Make a tech deck quarter pipe

Make a tech deck quarter pipe

This video shows you how to make a tech deck quarter pipe. You will need the following materials: wood pieces, cardboard, a small metal bar, glue, and scissors. The first thing you will need to do is cut out the base, this requires cutting out three equal parts (as seen in the video). The base pieces are then glued onto a back board for support. Small slits are then cut in each base to allow space for the metal bar. Glue the bar onto the base, making sure that only the bottom of the bar gets glued, if there is glue on the top of the bar, it will make it more difficult to grind. Make a platform with a piece of wood and glue it to the top of the base. Cut the piece of cardboard, making it the same size as the wooden platform and glue it on top of the wood. Cut a piece of cardboard similar to the one show in the video, a long rectangle piece the width of the quarter pipe. Glue the cardboard onto the quarter pipe with about a quarter touching the floor.

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