How To: Do ramp tricks on a TechDeck fingerboard

Do ramp tricks on a TechDeck fingerboard

Tech Deck videos demonstrates how to do ramp tricks on a Tech Deck fingerboard. Any trick that you learn can also be performed on a ramp. A rock to fakey is the easiest ramp trick. Ride up, touch the lip of the board to the ramp, balance the center of the board on the edge, tap the front wheels on the ledge, and ride back down the ramp fakey style. You can then turn the rock to fakey into a board slide. Instead of rocking on the lip of the ramp, push the board along the edge and then dismount, fakey style. Try a blunt trick by riding up the ramp and putting the rear trucks on the tail of the board. Then, pop the board off the edge by doing an ollie-like jump. You can also work in a blunt slide. Perform a 50/50 by locking the front and rear trucks to the edge of the ramp, slide and dismount. Try variations and combos for added challenges.

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