How To: Make a Barbie-sized princess tiara

Make a Barbie-sized princess tiara

For the fairy sized princess tiara you will need 32 gauge silver wire, silver ball beads, seed beads (your choice of color) and 4 mm crystal beads. Start with about 6" of the wire. String a seed bead to the center of the wire- and twist one or two times to secure it in place. Then bring both ends of the wire together- and clip so that they are even. Next string a 4 mm crystal bead over both pieces of wire and press snugly next to the first seed bead already strung. Then add a silver ball bead. Then carefully separate the wires out to each side. You will add a combination of seed beads (odd numbers work best) and silver ball beads and crystal beads evenly to each side. She used 5 seeds, one crystal, one silver and 7 more seeds per side. Then bring the wires together and twist several times, as close to the beading as possible. Trim the excess wire leaving a bit to stick into the doll's hair. Form into a nice circle, and your tiara is finished.

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