How To: Create a pink princess cupcake from polymer clay

Create a pink princess cupcake from polymer clay

We don't know how it happened and can't particularly pinpoint when it happened, but over the last few years cupcakes have way overtaken cakes as to go-to dessert. Perhaps it's because they're pre-portion sized, or perhaps it's because they're so darn cute and easily transformed into any shape we can imagine.

We love our cupcakes, and if you do too, then make your own cupcake - a polymer clay cupcake, that is - to preserve the cute beauty of these fluffly foodstuffs without, well, destroying all of that with one bite, as would happen with the real thing.

Materials: Miniature silicone cupcake mold purchased from Etsy.

The color of the cupcake base is "Ecru" (sculpey premo), and the sprinkles are Pink (cernit).

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