How To: Redo American Girl doll Mia's braid

Redo American Girl doll Mia's braid

In this tutorial, we learn how to redo American Girl doll, Mia's, braid. First, you will need to brush out the hair for the doll. After you do this, you will take a little section of the hair from the front and split it into three. Then, take another little section from underneath this and clip it away. From here, you will start to braid the hair, clipping off the sections underneath separately so they don't get mixed together. Then, you will take the rest of the hair and put it into a ponytail on the other side so the hair doesn't get in the way of the braid. Next, you will take the clips out of the side of the hair and start to braid. Once finished, tie off at the bottom and enjoy this cute hair style!

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