How To: Make a working mini chandelier light for a dollhouse

Make a working mini chandelier light for a dollhouse

Garden of Imagination demonstrates how to make a real working miniature chandelier light for a doll house. We need some cord wires, beads, an electric bulb of 12 volt and plugs.

Take the cord connected to a plug and remove the metal tips and remove the plugs. There will be two little wire at the end. When we put it back one wire goes to either of the holes in the plug. To start off with take the cord connected with the 12 volt bulb. Now put a different beads through the opposite end of the cord where the bulb is which covers the bulb. Take a pin string it underneath, and put it through the hole, this will hold the chain on. Take a necklace chain of three inches. Twist the pin and put the chain to it. Even now we'll be able to see the bulb from side ways, so to cover that put some hangings to disguise the bulb. For that take special bead, for this take an ipin with a tear drop crystal, then a golden bead of 1 mm, a crystal bead and four long glass beads. Make a hook to the ipin, attach this to the center of the chandelier, and tighten the hook. Make it straight as far as possible. Now we need two other different kinds of beads which is to be attached to each end of the chandelier. Hanging danglers are made. For this we need an 8 mm crystal, gold little flat bead, a 4mm crystal and seven little glass beads. Hang one of these in each corner. Another dangler is made with 4mm ball bead and 7 glass seed bead. These are to be hanged in the middle; these are to be hanged by putting through the ipin and then making the hook. Put these two danglers all the way round. To assemble at the end put the cord back into the plug, separate the two wires and put the metal tips back. A working miniature chandelier light for a doll house is ready.

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