How To: Make wood out of polymer clay

Make wood out of polymer clay

This tutorial shows the viewer how to make polymer clay look like wood. Begin by using a pasta machine and roll out ecru on a number four and rolling out brown on a number six. Stack the brown on top of the ecru and cut the stack in half. Then sandwich the two stacks so it goes light - dark - light - dark. Repeat the process by Cutting it in half and stacking them again. Roll this stack through the pasta machine on a number one so it squishes them together. Cut in half and stack. Repeat this process until you get the desired thickness. Hold the stack in your hand and randomly squish with your fingers creating random thicker and thinner spots. Take you blade and slice off different thickness. When you have a piece that has the wood appearance you want, run it through your pasta machine to create a uniform thickness. You can use these pieces to make the object you want to have a wood like finish (a chair, a picture frame, etc.). Continue to slice away at the stack to get a look of variations in wood.

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