How To: Make a silicone ring mould

Make a silicone ring mould

In order to make a Silicone Ring Mold you should first get a small plastic container. This will be your mold box. First, you should cut the bottom out of the container. Next, use double sided tape to stick the ring down to the base of this. Next, secure the mold walls to the base. Now, mix the silicone mix in a separate mixing cup. Make sure you mix this thoroughly until the color is uniform. Now pour the silicone into the mold in a fine stream on the side of the ring, this will help prevent air bubbles. Try not to just pour directly on top of the ring. Once you are done pouring, leave the mold to dry overnight. When done drying, remove the bass and cut the mold wall and remove it. Now, use the knife to cut silicone that has leaked under the base of the ring and remove the ring. Now, mix your resin and then you can pour this into the ring mold. You have to mix the resin and color quicky so the resin does not dry. Pour half the mix in the mold and squeeze the mold to ensure it reaches all parts. Now pour the rest and let the resin sit and dry. Now, you can remove the new ring from the mold. There may be a rough edge where the resin was poured in so you can clean and sand the ring.

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