How To: Make a polymer clay Mashimaro Sanrio character

Make a polymer clay Mashimaro Sanrio character

This video clip was designed to provide the viewer with the instructions to making a polymer clay Mashimaro character. First two small pieces of yellow clay are cut to go inside the ears. Next a large ball of white clay is rolled and pressed slightly flat for the body. A piece similar in size is rolled and flattened for the head. Shoving a toothpick into the body and clipping a small piece off allows for the head to be attached. Then a piece of white clay is laid out and the yellow clay is pressed into it for the ears. It is cut in half and both ears are blended onto the figure. The eyes are two pieces of black wire cut to equal lengths and pressed on the head. then arms and legs are put on using white clay. Finally a tail is added from a small ball of white clay. You should now bake for a good amount of time and spray with clear coat after cooled.

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