How To: Make a polymer clay chocolate bon-bon

Make a polymer clay chocolate bon-bon

How to make a Polymer Clay Chocolate Bon-Bon (Chocolate Truffle with peanut Butter filling using polymar clay).

The items needed for Chocolate Truffle with peanut butter filling are Brown clay, Dark Brown Clay, Tan Clay, Fluted Circle/Flower Cookie cutter and toothpick. To make peanut butter filling, mix tan clay with a pinch of brown. First roll out brown clay in a flat shape, roll peanut butter clay into a ball, wrap the rolled out brown clay around the peanut butter ball, do not overlap, pinch the brown clay around the peanut butter clay, cut off the excess with a knife or chopping blade and make it in ball shape smothing the edges in your palm. Using two fingers pinch around the top of the ball lightly to make a dome shape. Roll out the dark brown clay and stretch it until its really thin, it will probably break, make short thin strands and place on the bon bon as you like, you can also sprinkle small bits of dark brown clay on the Bon Bon. Now freeze your decorated Bon Bon for 10 minutes, then slice a small part with the cookie cutter as if it has been bitten. Use your toothpick to add details to the peanut butter filling. Bake the Bon Bon and it is ready.

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