How To: Make an overall jumper for your doll

Make an overall jumper for your doll

This video shows you how to make an overall or jump suit for your doll. It is suitable for both boy and girl dolls. Take some material, plain or patterned. You need two buttons or studs for decoration. Make a square of material about 13cm by 13cm. It does not have to be precise. Fold it in half. Mark 5cm at one edge and 4cm at the other. Join up the marks and cut out the shape. Make another one the same, and sew the two together. Fold and sew the waist. For the front patch cut two layers 5cm x 5cm. Cut two strips 15cm x 2.5cm. Sew the patch on three sides, turn the right way out. Sew the strips lengthways and sew them on to the patch. Sew the ends of the strips on to the back of the trousers. Add studs for decoration, and that's it!

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