How To: Make a miniature medieval flail

Make a miniature medieval flail

In this video, we learn how to make a miniature medieval flail. You will need: glue, string, scissors, drill, paper, cardboard, paints, masking tape, electrical tape, plastic chain (optional), a brush, and a wooden handle. First, crumple up a couple sheets of paper to make it into a ball. Wrap masking tape around it so it keeps its shape. Next, wrap your string or twine around the ball several times at various angles, tying it each time at the bottom. After this, tape it again with masking tape. Now, loop your plastic chain around the string, or make a chain with your twine. Now, attach your handle to the chain by drilling a hold in and placing the string in attached with masking tape. Next, make 6-8 cones out of paper, then tape it down to the ball and the ends of the handle. After you apply masking tape over the cones, you can paint the entire flail. Let it dry, then enjoy when finished, being careful not to hit anyone with this.

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