How To: Make mini s'mores for a doll & a dollhouse

Make mini s'mores for a doll & a dollhouse

This video shows you how to make polymer s'mores for your dolls. With this method, it is quite easy to do. You need an off-white brownish clay to start, to use for the graham cracker. First, you warm up the brownish clay, and flatten it. You then need to give it some texture, using anything that has texture. After giving it texture, cut it into a rectangle. Next, you'll need a dark brown clay for the chocolate. Do the same thing you did for the graham cracker, except don't give it texture and you'll need to make this rectangle a bit smaller. For the marshmallows, you'll need white clay. Form the white clay into a snake, and cut off bits of it. Roll the bits and pinch them down a little. Lastly, you'll need to assemble the components. Put the chocolate on the graham cracker and then your marshmallows on the chocolate! It almost looks good enough to eat!

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