How To: Make a mini pumpkin teapot for a dollhouse

Make a mini pumpkin teapot for a dollhouse

The person in this video is teaching us how to make toys with the help of polymer clay. As you can see the video you can say that the person there is a girl. This lady is teaching to make a teapot to her daughter. Her hand is focusing the camera. First she makes a little ball with the help of polymer clay. Then she made few lines on that ball and press that ball slightly on the top. Then she takes another piece of clay and presses it but that one is too small. Then she use another on quit big in size and press it in the shape of a circular disc. Then she cleaned her finger prints with the help of a stiff brush. Then she makes some lines on that part also and makes a hole in the center of that with the help of a pin. After doing all this she takes a piece of brown clay and roll it in a shape of a small ball and then make it pointed at the bottom and fit it in that hole which she made on the circular disc. Then she put two loops in her snake of green clay and sticks it on the pot. Then she took another piece of green snake and rolls one side in and other side outward. After that with the help of few more snakes of green clay she gives the final touch on her teapot.

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