How To: Make a mini polymer clay waffle for a dollhouse

Make a mini polymer clay waffle for a dollhouse

Garden of Imagination demonstrates how to make miniature blueberry polymer clay waffles for use in a doll house. Starting with a small ball of either ecru-colored clay, or pearl-white, you can blend in tiny black glass pebbles to resemble blueberries or raisins. The ball is then pressed onto a small strip of dry-wall tape that has an open weave to it, to make waffled impressions. The strip with the clay on it is run through a pasta-maker at a setting of "four" to flatten the clay into the mesh. The finished, textured clay is peeled gently from the strip. A square cutter is used to cut a waffle from the clay (about the size of the tip of your thumb), pushed out from the cutter, and placed down for coloring with the textured side up. A paintbrush is used to pick up colors from a set of chalks. First, a color between yellow and orange is used as a base on the textured side of the waffle, and then brown is brushed on to add darkness. Next, a strip of yellow clay is flattened into a layer to be cut into a small stick of butter. That clay stick of butter is cut into slices to make pats of butter. Triple thick clear glaze is mixed with yellow chalk to create the look of melted butter and is dotted or painted on the waffle, and it also acts to affix the pats of butter to the top of the waffle. Glass beads that approximate the size of large blueberries are mixed in a solution of the clear glaze, along with blue and black chalks. Syrup is created by mixing glaze with brown chalks and painting it on the waffles. One waffle is layered a bit over the other to create a small stack. The finished polymer clay waffles can then be baked or simply coated with glaze to finish.

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