How To: Make a mini polymer clay tomato for a dollhouse

Make a mini polymer clay tomato for a dollhouse

Garden of Imagination shows you how to make a miniature polymer clay tomato cane to slice and place on top of a doll house hamburger. First, a thin layer of brown clay is rolled flat through a pasta maker and cut into the shape of a cane or long rectangle (with excess clay discarded) and the canes rolled tightly lengthwise. It is rolled by pressure of the fingers to a very small diameter, then cut into one or two inch lengths, and put aside. Next, red clay is mixed with translucent clay to make it look more realistic, and put through a pasta maker to create a flat sheet. The sheet is cut into small canes to match the length of the brown, and also rolled tightly lengthwise. The red canes created from this process are paired up with about five brown canes to layer and surround them into a "brown seed in red pulp" arrangement. The result is a new, thicker cane that has red canes surrounding all sides of the brown ones. Next, another sheet of red clay is rolled out, and the brown-and-red cane collection is rolled up inside one layer of the red. This final cane can be put in the refrigerator to firm it up before cutting slices that, in cross-section, look like small tomatoes with brown seeds in them. The slices can then be added to a miniature hamburger patty to be used in a food setting for a doll house.

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