How To: Make mini polymer clay noodle soup for a dollhouse

Make mini polymer clay noodle soup for a dollhouse

Create the perfect kitchen accessory for your doll house! Learn how to make a realistic bowl of chicken noodle soup with this informative video! Use an old garlic press with some noodle colored clay. Squish the noodles through the press and slice them off with a razor blade. This gives a nice pile of noodles. Flatten the noodles by rolling them with the end of a pencil. Once they are flattened you can fill up the bowl with the noodles. Next take some pea green colored snake and cut off tiny pieces. Take your tiny piece and roll it into your hand until it forms a ball. Place the peas in the bowl. To make carrots pre-bake some clay and cut off slices of the clay. Then place these figures into the bowl as well. Next use translucent glaze all over the bowl and bake it.

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