How To: Make a mini polymer clay kitchen pot for a dollhouse

Make a mini polymer clay kitchen pot for a dollhouse

To begin you need to have a metal hollow tube made up of a strip which is around one inch wide and about two inch in length and has been bended round. Now take some clay and put it inside this hollow tube on a table. Press it with your finger. Take a glass tube with lid and use it to press the clay down to form a pot with this clay. Now remove the both the glass tube and the metal tube. Put the clay pot again back over the lid of the glass tube and press with your fingers. You have to press so that one end of the clay is pressed to lengthen like a handle. Now put both on the table and press hard to give a flat shape to the bottom. Use a tool having gripping teeth and press and roll it over along the whole sides of this pot. This process shall form beautiful blur teeth all along the sides of the pot. Again put the glass tube inside the pot and the pot inside a circular lid having concurrent circles. Press it hard and remove. This shall imprint beautiful circles at the bottom of the pot. The tutor suggests that you can use baking soda to prevent the clay from sticking. Remove this pot and use a plastic stick to punch a hole at the end the handle. That's it.

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