How To: Make a mini polymer clay hollow pumpkin for a doll

Make a mini polymer clay hollow pumpkin for a doll

In this video we're shown how to make a miniature hollow pumpkin. First start with Sculpey clay, the color you want to use is sweet potato pie. Roll some out flat and wrap it around a large glass marble, cutting off the excess clay. Next cut a small opening at the bottom so you can remove the marble later. Start sculpting the outside of the clay into a smooth spherical shape, using the marble as a guide. Next, take a toothpick or other similar utensil and poke a small whole in top of your pumpkin. Then, using the same utensil, gently form several lines going from top to bottom around the clay. Next, take a blow dryer and on a very hot setting and cure the clay so it hardens. If you so desire, you can take an embossing gun and carefully use it to heat the clay, which will cause it to bubble and give it a more realistic texture. With a razor blade, carefully cut two triangular eyes on the front of your pumpkin. Using the same blade cut the mouth in any configuration you desire. At this point it is time to remove the marble. This can be accomplished by using the same utensil used to poke the hole in the top of your pumpkin. Simply push down through the hole you poked in the top and remove the marble from the bottom. If your pumpkin splits, do not panic. There are several ways to fix this, you can take TLS, apply it on the inside of the cracks and blow dry it or you can simply use some super glue. If so desired, you can put a bottom on your pumpkin by sculpting some fresh clay over the hole, take care to puncture a small hole in it in case you want to insert lights into your pumpkin later on. Finally take a small piece of stick and insert it into the top of your pumpkin. That's all there is to making a hollow pumpkin.

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