How To: Make mini polymer clay doughnuts for a dollhouse

Make mini polymer clay doughnuts for a dollhouse

Garden of Imagination demonstrates very simple method of how to make miniature doughnuts from polymer clay. There are three varieties of doughnuts made sprinkled, glace and chocolate covered. These are very simple round doughnut. For this we need a plastic clay measure which has balls of different size. We have to start off with a little piece of clay, put in size E of the clay measure. Always put some extra and slice it off. Take it out. Make it into the size of a ball with your hands. Now make a hole in the center using the back side of paint brush. So the donut base is ready. Now take pastel chalks. Take a brownish yellow color. Color the donuts using your finger. Use crystal clear glaze. Put it all over the top of it. Using a tooth pick dip the donut into the glaze. Now the plane glaze donut is ready. To make the sprinkled donuts just put some small marbles in red and pink in color. Put the donut into a tin foil and sprinkle these marbles on the donut. Don't touch it let it dry by itself. And the sprinkled donut is ready. Now for the chocolate covered one we have to use a brown paint. Drip the paint all over the donut using tooth pick. If you want sprinkles on chocolate donuts you can use sprinkle on it.

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