How To: Make a mini polymer clay apple pie for a dollhouse

Make a mini polymer clay apple pie for a dollhouse

You roll out some light brown clay, cut out two small circles and place one in a mini pie plate. The mini pie plate is similar to a plate you would find in a doll house. You take the extra clay and place it in a garlic press, which makes the clay come out in little strings. You take two of the string clay pieces and twist them together, making it look similar to a braid that will go around the pie later on. To make the apples, you take some rolled white clay, and any color chalk you want. You scrape the chalk into a little pan, and dust the clay with the chalk. You then take a knife and slice off a chunk and make it look like an apple slice. Fill up your pie with these mini apple slices. Then, you take Liquid Sculpey and some brown chalk and mix the two together. Pour the Liquid Sculpey and brown chalk mixture onto the apples. Leave a little bit of the mixture so you can use it to glaze the top of your pie. Take your second clay circle and place it over the apples, squishing down the edges as you go. Take a razor blade and cut little air holes into the top of the pie. Take your clay braid that you made earlier, and place it around the pie. Take the left over glaze and place it around the edges and if you want, put it over any bigger holes you have in the top to make it look like its bubbling out. You take your pie and bake it. Once it's done, you can take some Gallery Glass to make it shiny.

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