How to Make mini Pocky Sticks for your American Girl doll

Kitzykk shows how to craft mini Pocky stick boxes for dolls in this video. She starts with a real Pocky stick box and carefully opens the box on all ends before unfolding it to lie flat. Using a printer and scanner, she scans a picture of the unfolded Pocky box and drags the scanned image into a program such as MS Word. Once the image is sized perfectly in the program, she prints it onto a sheet of white paper and it is an exact miniature replication of the original. Kitzykk then carefully cuts out the image to match the original, and uses a craft knife to score the edges that will be folded. Once scored and folded, she takes a sheet of thin foam and traces the box shape onto it twice and cuts out the two foam rectangles. Then, using a glue stick she coats one side of each foam piece and sticks them together before coating the entire backside of the cutout pocky box image in glue as well. Finally, she lines up the foam with the inner edge of the pocky box image, and folds the sides of the cutout all the way around the foam to form a perfect box shape. She adds a little more glue to the flaps, fold them in to finish it up, and displays a perfect mini pocky box fit for any doll to enjoy.

Make mini Pocky Sticks for your American Girl doll

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