How To: Make a mini peelable potato for a dollhouse

Make a mini peelable potato for a dollhouse

This video demonstrates how to make mini peelable potatoes for a doll house. Make a small potato shape out of polymer clay. Scrape some brown pastel chalk into a dish and roll the potato shape in the dust until it is covered. Bake your potato in the oven according to your polymer clay instructions. When it is baked, cut the potato with a razor blade. Be very careful because it is quite hard to cut and you don't want to cut yourself. Place the cut potatoes into a suitable small dish. Take some translucent liquid Sculpey and pour it all over the potatoes. Then bake it all again. Alternatively you can use gallery glass, the shiny one and not the matt, and let it dry in the air. If you wish, you can also peel a part of the potato skin with your razor blade and bend the peel back to show the white part inside.

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