How To: Make a mini milkshake for a doll & dollhouse

Make a mini milkshake for a doll & dollhouse

This short video explains how to create a mini milkshake for a doll. Using Elmer's Probond Stainable Wood Filler is preferable because it happens to already be the right color, although using this brand is not absolutely required-any wood filler would do. You can find this at a hardware store. If tiny cups are not at your disposal, don't worry! Our presenter shows us how to use a bead cap in the tiny cup's place. Fill the bead cap with the wood filler, and then using a tiny spoon that can be purchased at Hobby Lobby (you can also use a cut-off toothpick), stick it in the top and you're done! You now have a tiny milkshake for your doll.

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