How To: Make a mini loaf of bread for a dollhouse

Make a mini loaf of bread for a dollhouse

Garden of Imagination shows viewers how to make realistic looking bread loaves for a dollhouse. First, you need a beige ball of clay or a color that looks like that of bread. Take your ball of clay and warm it up in your hand. Lay it on your table. With the center of your palm, press the ball of clay down. This will give you a nice bread shape. Now, take a twisted wire and make a tic tac toe board on your bread to act as creased. Use rolled up tin foil to give the bread texture. Now, use chalk to give the bread color. Use a razor blade to scrape off chalk and paint the bread. First use white chalk to mimic flour of the bread. Next, use light brown chalk and cover the outside and top of the bread with this color chalk. You won't want this light brown in the creases. Use a dark brown and touch it on the top to make the bread look toasty. Now, you can cover it with translucent sculpy and you have your shiny doll house bread!

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