How To: Make mini Jello for a dollhouse

Make mini Jello for a dollhouse

This video shows you how to make a miniature Jell-O mold, for display in a dollhouse. In advance, you will need to make a Jell-O mold out of polymer clay. You will need to shape it into a conventional form for Jell-O molds.

In order to perform this craft project, you will need: a mold made of polymer clay, Quick Water, a small piece of cardboard, gel food coloring, and a toothpick.

The Quick Water resin contains 2 bottles. Squeeze equal portions of the resin onto the cardboard. Place a small amount of food coloring on the cardboard. With a toothpick, mix all three together. Mix well. Try to avoid creating air bubbles in the mix. Pour the mixture into your pre-prepared mold. Allow to air dry for approximately 8-10 hours. Remove it from the mold. It should be ready for display in your dollhouse. The mold may be used again and again.

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