How To: Make a mini cupcake for a dollhouse

Make a mini cupcake for a dollhouse

Garden of Imagination demonstrates how to make a miniature polymer clay cup cake. First, roll a ball of brown clay into a circle. Squish it a little on its side. Use a toothpick to create edges on the cupcake. Make the top more pointed. Flip the cupcake over so that it sits flat. Bake the base for a few minutes to make it hard so you don't lose your texture. Roll your clay icing color into a long, thin rope. Wrap the icing in a conical circle on top of the cupcake base. Next, use tiny glass seed beads for sprinkles. Pour the seed beads into a cup and roll the top of the cupcake in the glass beads. Next, add a small ball of white clay to the top of the cupcake for the whipped topping. Finish the cupcake with a tiny red piece of clay for the cherry to complete the clay project.

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