How To: Make a mini candy bar for a dollhouse

Make a mini candy bar for a dollhouse

First of all go to Google and then type in 'candy bar wrapper image' and then enter and go to image results. Select the 'crunch' image and right click and then 'copy' and then go to word document and paste it there. But if the image is big then right click and select 'hyperlink' and select 'remove hyperlink' to remove it. Now select the image again by clicking on to it and you can change the size of the image. Pick out the corner of the box that appears on the image and drag it inside to make the image as tiny as you want. You can make it about half an inch. Now again find and copy another image of 'snickers' using the above process. Now take out print out by going to print and then select photo and then put a photo paper to print out the two images. The photo paper shall make the print more realistic. Now cut them out of the paper and fold it right on the edges like you can see it in actual. Don't glue it yet. Take a tin foil and fold it till it is same as your candy bar wrapper and then wrap and use super glue the wrapper around it. Cut off the excess tin foil protruding from the ends. That's it.

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