How To: Make a mini burrito for a doll & dollhouse

Make a mini burrito for a doll & dollhouse

The first step in making burritos for a dollhouse is to take some off white clay and roll it as thin as you can get it. After that, take a small circle using a small circular cutter of some sort. Next, make the "beans" with translucent liquid sculpting clay and some red clay by mixing the two ingredients together. Take a toothpick and apply this mixture in a line down the center. Now take one side of the circle and fold in just past the bean mixture. Now fold the side flaps over and roll the other side in to complete the burrito. Now take soft pastels and a clean paint brush and brush the burrito with a little bit of yellow and light brown to make it look more realistic. Cut the burrito in half now and apply a little more of the bean mixture to the cut sides. Place on a little dollhouse plate and you are finished!

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