How To: Make a mini bell pepper for a dollhouse

Make a mini bell pepper for a dollhouse

To make a hollow clay bell pepper, you will first need four thin strips of aluminum foil. Roll each one into a tiny, thin strip. You will also need pearlized white clay rolled out very thin (number seven on a pasta machine), and rolled out green, red, or yellow clay (number four on a pasta machine). Take your four strips of tin foil and line the up on one end placing them together in a bundle. Place on the white clay and the clay around it one time, remove the excess. Use your fingers to make sure the clay is pressed into the foil thoroughly. Now take your green clay and roll it around the white/foil one time, again removing any excess. Use your fingers to press it together tightly, then press the whole thing against a flat surface to make the tube a long square shape (doesn't have to be perfect). Bake the entire thing. Cut into thing slices and use a toothpick to push out the aluminum foil.

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