How To: Make an egg, bacon & croissant out of polymer clay

Make an egg, bacon & croissant out of polymer clay

Gentleman Bunny takes his viewers through a polymer clay breakfast preparation that combines the best of both worlds: visual appeal and no calories! He starts off by making a croissant out of a strip of clay. The clay is rolled between the fingers and then twisted to resemble a light and flaky croissant. While this is "baking", the polymer clay egg is made. A piece of white clay is formed into a round, similar in look to a fried egg white. A dot of yellow is then placed over the white and a perfectly over easy egg is formed. Lastly the bacon is produced. Gentleman Bunny takes two thin strips of white and one thin strip of red and "smears" them together to create the perfect bacon color. After a quick trim of the bacon, the polymer clay breakfast is plated. If the viewer did not just see that the meal was created of clay, it looks good enough to eat.

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