How To: Attach a hook to a polymer clay charm

Attach a hook to a polymer clay charm

First of all you have to take your charm and attach it with the hook which has an eye. Now take an unbaked water melon made of clay. Hold it with your fingers tightly to make it a little warm. Now you have to insert the tip of the hook on to the middle of the green skin of the water melon. Now hold the hook with one hand and use the other to twist it into the water melon. Keep on twisting till it reaches the skin of the melon. Now you cannot bake it with the charm because the plastic part of the chain shall get damaged. So remove the hook from the water melon and bake it separately in the oven. Once it is baked you can screw it back. Take some super glue and apply it on the hook. Now screw the hook into the water melon. It shall be fixed and then ready of use. Now take a clay head of a monkey which has been baked already. Now you can take a jewelry tool and then mark a groove on to the head. Now twist the tool to make a groove fro the hook. Now remove the tool and then apply some glue to the hook. Now insert the hook and then tighten it. It is also ready for use. That’s it.

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