How to Repair decorative figurines with molding clay and glue

This video explains how to repair decorate figurines using modeling clay as a clamp to help you glue it properly. It can be hard to glue broken figurines, because it's difficult to keep the pieces held together while the glue is drying. He suggests using modeling clay to hold the pieces together. First stick a hunk of modeling clay to your table or work bench. Stick one part of your broken figurine into the modeling clay to hold it at the proper angle. Take the other piece and line it up where it's supposed to be, making a dent in the clay. Use instant glue that cures quickly. Put the glue on the broken surfaces, and put the piece back into position. The clay will hold the pieces together. This is a creative idea that works well for clamping odd-shaped pieces together while the glue is drying.

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